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Fall Series 2020


We featured new film and presentation content about climbing, snowsports, the environment and mountain culture. Be inspired, entertained and connect virtually with your outdoor community.

The VIMFF Fall Series 2020 has ended.

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At 3,300 m above sea level, in the Peruvian Andes, indigenous people have been harvesting salt by hand for over 600 years, prior to the Inca times. After many years of struggle and unfair working conditions, the salt workers became owners of the salt mine, creating a comunal company.

Not seeing herself reflected in the community she loves, mountain biker, skier and artist Brooklyn Bell created her own role model: a hand-drawn hero called Ruby J. With Ruby J as a guide, Brooklyn spent the next few years trying to “live like her, breathe like her, be unapologetically black like her,” and in the process shaped her own identity, one that intertwines her love for dirt, snow and art—and a voice with which to advocate for diversity and inclusion.

When celebrated professional skiers Lorraine Huber and Hedvig Wessel join forces to take on the Freeride World Tour, director Katie Burrell thinks this just might be a premise dreamt up in Girl-Boss heaven.


Echoes In The Arctic follows celebrated wildlife photographer Paul Nicklen and a team of dedicated filmmakers and scientists on a vivid cinematic journey as they document the world's healthiest orca population in the Norwegian Arctic to help protect the ecosystem from oil exploration.


This film follows ten people who are Zion National Park's keepers and caretakers. At a time of increasing tension between recreation and environmental impact, the film follows a path to the future through character stories that are personal, complex, and compelling.


The three wisemen of freeskiing, Eric Hjorliefson, Mark Abma and Chris Rubens, who have literally skied the globe in careers that span 15 years, take it to the home front and head to Mount Cain on Vancouver Island, BC. Instead of five star hotels and high speed lifts they sleep in the parking lot and shred a t-bar.

After shedding a lifetime of belongings, moving to an assisted living facility with his ailing sweetheart, and now coping with losing his mind, former world-class athlete Alan Jackson, 87, embraces his last tracks, and what remains despite the losses.

This film takes place in Makatea, a unique island of Polynesia. Erwan Le Lann and Marion Courtois discover this paradise and explore the possibilities of development of the site with the locals. It's their story about developing it in a way which is respectful of the biodiversity of the atoll and its inhabitants through the practice of climbing.


Join author Michael Schauch as he introduces his new book, A Story of Karma: Finding Love and Truth in the Lost Valley of the Himalaya. The story begins with Schauch's dream to climb an unknown mountain in the Himalaya of northern Nepal. What unfolds in the mountains, however, forces him to question his values and his own identity, and eventually leads him to meet a little girl in a remote mountain village.

Featuring the Lynch sisters and Tessa Treadway, Motherload first appears as a comic story about trying to take their kids skiing but it connects on a deeper level with the themes of single parenting and loss.


The "Celestial Mountains" of Kyrgyzstan tower over the lush pasturelands - home to thousands of animals and the semi-nomadic herders of Central Asia. Here, a horse is considered the “wings of man” and is integral to destiny.
This film is about four friends who travel to Baffin Island for a forty-day human-powered adventure, featuring bigwall first ascents, whitewater paddle descents, and wild Arctic flamingos.
An unlikely trio is lured to a remote river in the wilderness of the Russian Far East in search of a mythical 55-kilogram (120-pound) trout. The adventurers — a billionaire Russian businessman, an American fly fisherman, and a Russian scientist — must join forces to unlock the river’s secrets in order to save it.
Ru-Tsu follows snowboarder Tamo Campos on an educational journey to learn about his Japanese ancestry and his activist roots. Through reflections with his grandfather, award-winning scientist, environmentalist and broadcaster, David Suzuki, this personal film dives into themes of intergenerational trauma, passionate activism, and a family’s deep love of nature.
Salomon's The Chairlift is an ode to the often over-looked device that enabled a sport and still acts as a central pillar of ski culture to this day.
Everest is the eternal subject of mountain films. Here, an expedition joined by National Geographic Photographer Renan Ozturk — who narrates in first person — summits in an effort to solve an outstanding Everest mystery: Who achieved the first summit? Was it really George Mallory? Or his partner Sandy Irvine, who disappeared with Mallory in 1924 on the descent.
Ultra-runners overcome obstacles on every trail. In this film, Force of Nature Mirna Valerio overcomes the negative voices that don’t believe she belongs in the sport.
Runner and advocate Faith E. Briggs used to run through the streets of Brooklyn every morning. Now, she’s running 150 miles through three U.S. National Monuments that lay in the thick of the controversy around public lands.
Kindar and Guy grew up climbing everything in sight – the walls, the roof, the monkey bars, you name it. Their parents took them to a climbing gym when they were 9 years old and they instantly fell in love with the sport. The brothers started competing at the age of 11 and they’ve been on the rise ever since.
A documentary film about the search for something unique in a remote and wild place. Edu Marín, his father Francisco "Novato" and his brother Álex, embark on an uncertain adventure to conquer the largest roof in the world. It's a story about joy, unexpected obstacles, adverse weather, friendship and climbing.
Bighorn sheep, an icon of the American West, battle to survive as contact with the infectious disease, Mycoplasma ovipneumoniae (M. ovi), carried by domestic sheep threaten these wild herds.
Without a Paddle is an adventure film that blends the history of the upper Columbia River with a 140km paddle from the foot of the Mica Dam to the top of the Revelstoke Dam. Four intrepid snowboarders seek to retrace a portion of David Thompson's footsteps down the Columbia River, in the middle of January, during one of the coldest snaps in recorded history in Revelstoke.
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